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Posted by: Andy_Johnson on 04/10/2014 08:51 AM Updated by: Andy_Johnson on 04/10/2014 09:12 AM
Expires: 01/01/2019 12:00 AM

Calaveras Sherrif's Logs For April 10, 2014

We would like to Thank Signal Service for Sponsoring our Law Enforcement Category!

24 Hours --- Wednesday, April 9, 2014

08:34 911 Misdial 140409023
Occurred on Pool Station Rd, San Andreas. Breathing and clanging in bg poss pocket dial. Disposition: No Report Taken.

08:38 Disturbance 140409025
Occurred at Sequoia Rose Mobile Home Park on Sequoia Ave. , Valley Springs. Screaming and yelling about
using dope. Disposition: No Report Taken.

08:45 911 Misdial 140409027
Occurred on Pool Station Rd, San Andreas. Open line then dial tones. Disposition: No Report Taken.

09:18 Traffic Stop 140409029
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 26, Mokelumne Hill. Disposition: Report Taken.

09:23 Suspicious Circumstances 140409030
Occurred on McAtee St, Valley Springs. Something was dumped on side of a trail with a strong odor
wrapped in a canvas -animal remains. Disposition: No Report Taken.

09:47 Burglary Not in Progress 140409032
Occurred on Hwy 26, Valley Springs. Disposition: No Report Taken.

10:59 Vandalism 140409041
Occurred on Pebble Beach Wy, Arnold. Vandalizing her signs. Disposition: Report Taken.

12:02 Burglary Not in Progress 140409051
Occurred at Marzi on Hawver Rd. , San Andreas. Hd unit was stolen from tv. Disposition: No Report Taken.

12:05 Traffic Stop 140409052
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 12/Burson Rd, Burson. Disposition: No Report Taken.

12:35 Traffic Stop 140409056
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 26/Hwy 49, Mokelumne Hill. Disposition: No Report Taken.

14:17 Suspicious Person 140409070
Occurred at Shell Happy Corner on E Saint Charles St. , San Andreas. Man laying behind the station, behind
the wall. Disposition: No Report Taken.

14:36 Vandalism 140409074
Occurred on Garner Pl, Valley Springs. Someone broke car window. Disposition: Report Taken.

14:58 911 Hang Up 140409076
Occurred at Mark Twain Medical Center on Mountain Ranch Rd. , San Andreas. Phantom 911 from MTH. On
going equipment problem. Disposition: No Report Taken.

15:15 Public Intoxication 140409078
Occurred at Mark Twain Er on Mountain Ranch Rd. , San Andreas. One arrested. Disposition: Arrest Made.

15:39 Traffic Stop 140409081
Officer initiated activity at Mountain Ranch Rd/Michel Rd, Mountain Ranch. Disposition: No Report Taken.

16:25 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 140409088
Occurred at Copper Crest Dr/Deer Field Cr, Copperopolis. Parked vehicle may have subject living it.
Disposition: No Report Taken.

16:45 Alarm Sounding 140409090
Occurred on Pheasant Run Dr, Copperopolis. Commercial. Disposition: No Report Taken.

16:50 Traffic Stop 140409091
Officer initiated activity at Senders Ace Hardware, Hwy 26, Valley Springs. Disposition: No Report Taken.

18:32 Suspicious Person 140409093
Occurred on S Petersburg Rd, Valley Springs. 2 males appear to be trying to break into a garage Subjects
contacted are family members of property owner and have permission to be there. Disposition: No Report

19:46 Alarm Sounding 140409101
Occurred on Waterfront Ct, Copperopolis. Residential alarm. Disposition: No Report Taken.

19:53 Suspicious Person 140409102
Officer initiated activity at Daphne St/Laurel St, Valley Springs. Disposition: No Report Taken.

20:20 Traffic Stop 140409104
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 4/Main St, Copperopolis. Disposition: No Report Taken.

20:26 Traffic Stop 140409105
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 12/Toll Bridge Rd, San Andreas. Disposition: Citation Issued.

20:49 Disturbance 140409107
Occurred on Fieldstone Dr, Murphys. Dispute between residents. Disposition: No Report Taken.

20:55 Suspicious Person 140409109
Occurred at Good Samaritan Community Church on Baldwin St. , Valley Springs. Person acting suspiciously at
a church. Disposition: Arrest Made.

21:27 Suspicious Person 140409113
Occurred at Senders Ace Hardware on Hwy 26. , Valley Springs. Report of someone with a flashlight behind a
business. Disposition: No Report Taken.

21:34 Disturbance 140409114
Occurred at West Point Laundrymat on Pine St/Main St. , West Point. Pick up in the middle of the road at least
two people yelling at each also drinking threw a beer can which almost hit car. Disposition: No Report

22:09 Suspicious Person 140409120
Officer initiated activity at Winton Rd/Hwy 26, West Point. Disposition: No Report Taken.

22:24 Traffic Stop 140409122
Officer initiated activity at Mark Twain Center, N Main St, City of Angels. Disposition: No Report Taken.

22:53 Suspicious Person 140409123
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 26/Flat Gulch Ln, Glencoe. Disposition: No Report Taken.

23:06 Alarm Sounding 140409125
Occurred on Hwy 4, Murphys. Commercial alarm. Disposition: False Alarm.

23:24 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 140409127
Officer initiated activity at Vfw Post 2600, W Saint Charles St, San Andreas. Disposition: No Report Taken.

23:26 Alarm Sounding 140409128
Occurred on Mountain Ranch Rd, San Andreas. Commercial alarm. Disposition: False Alarm.

23:27 Suspicious Person 140409130
Occurred at Mark Twain Er on Mountain Ranch Rd. , San Andreas. Subject refusing to leave business.
Disposition: No Report Taken.

23:45 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 140409131
Officer initiated activity at S Algiers St/Main St, Murphys. Disposition: No Report Taken.

00:37 Suspicious Person 140410001
Occurred on Quail Hill Rd, Copperopolis. Prowlers behind house heard only. Disposition: No Report Taken.

00:52 Disturbance 140410002
Occurred at Calaveras Spring Water Company on Hwy 4. , Douglas Flat. Report of people outside yelling
threats. Disposition: No Report Taken.

01:25 Suspicious Person 140410004
Officer initiated activity at Mountain Ranch Rd/Park Dr, San Andreas. Disposition: No Report Taken.

01:31 Suspicious Person 140410005
Officer initiated activity at Sierra Super Stop, W Saint Charles St, San Andreas. Disposition: No Report Taken.

03:44 Disturbance 140410006
Occurred on N Main St, City of Angels. Son has a brain injury has an ear infection he is screaming
medication is not working fast enough. Disposition: No Report Taken.

05:58 911 Hang Up 140410010
Occurred on Foothill Ct, San Andreas. Open line nothing heard lat long comes back to address above.
Disposition: No Report Taken.

06:28 911 Hang Up 140410011
Occurred on Foothill Ct, San Andreas. Disposition: No Report Taken.

06:34 Suspicious Person 140410012
Occurred at Calaveras Cement Co on Pool Station Rd. , San Andreas. Man and woman tried to flag down one
of their drivers. She didn't see a vehicle unkwn if need help. Disposition: No Report Taken.

06:34 Alarm Sounding 140410013
Occurred at Red Brick Saloon on Main St. , San Andreas. Disposition: False Alarm.

06:48 Vandalism 140410014
Occurred on Dogtown Rd, Angels Camp. Disposition: Report Taken.

08:10 Alarm Sounding 140410017
Occurred at Foothill Community Church on Whittle Rd. , Angels Camp. Commercial. Disposition: False Alarm.

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