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Posted by: thepinetree on 04/11/2014 10:59 PM Updated by: John_Hamilton on 04/22/2014 04:34 PM
Expires: 01/01/2019 12:00 AM

Make Plans Now To Party With Michael Oliveira At Irish Vineyards

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Posted on: 2014-04-11 23:50:52   By: Anonymous
Doesn't the Irish family also endorse Borean? They were pouring at Mikes meet and greet in Arnold.

[Reply ]

    Re: Confused
    Posted on: 2014-04-12 06:07:09   By: Anonymous
    Either person is much better than Merrita!!! Lets everyone support new blood

    [Reply ]

      Re: Confused
      Posted on: 2014-04-12 06:38:18   By: Anonymous
      AGREE!! Either one would be better than the ultra-political Callaway who operates corruptly and has for years. We deserve so much better. Only concern is one opposer would not split votes against her, concerned about having two options. People are sick and tired of Callaway, she just keeps taking our tax dollars and padding her purse while this District crumbles. Put her out to pasture!

      [Reply ]

        Re: Confused
        Posted on: 2014-04-12 12:12:32   By: Anonymous
        I'm not voting for this person, he's not the right candidate for our district.

        [Reply ]

          Re: Confused
          Posted on: 2014-04-15 19:54:14   By: Anonymous
          Totally agree

          [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2014-04-12 12:12:36   By: Anonymous
        You bet we need better ! A board of stupidvisors who shoot down a championship golf course but welcome pot shops ! I wonder why the county is 8 mil. in the hole .

        [Reply ]

          Re: Confused WHICH GREEN IS BETTER GOLF OR POT ?
          Posted on: 2014-04-12 12:28:30   By: Anonymous
          I am a Michael Oliveira supporter. He has done more for the local business to try and promote us than anybody has ever done. Thank you Michael for being an important part of our community and promoting the cash mobs as well as serving the public as a Deputy Sheriff.

          [Reply ]

            Re: Confused WHICH GREEN IS BETTER GOLF OR POT ?
            Posted on: 2014-04-12 16:02:06   By: Anonymous
            Correction, Mr. Oliveira is NOT a Calaveras County Deputy Sheriff.

            [Reply ]

              Re: Confused WHICH GREEN IS BETTER GOLF OR POT ?
              Posted on: 2014-04-12 16:11:23   By: Anonymous
              Wow! Must have a twin brother with the same name that helped my Business and family when we were broken into.

              [Reply ]

            Re: Confused WHICH GREEN IS BETTER GOLF OR POT ?
            Posted on: 2014-04-21 21:55:03   By: Anonymous
            Mike's hand and body language told the story, he is emotional and does not understand both sides of a conversation. This is NOT the type of person we need making important decisions effecting our community. Those that cannot create intelligent comments tend to wave their hands and bounce around in order to try to make a point. Anyone with the most common knowledge of sociology/psychology can notice this right away. Sure he has passion, but it is misguided passion.

            [Reply ]

          Re: Confused WHICH GREEN IS BETTER GOLF OR POT ?
          Posted on: 2014-04-15 18:24:36   By: Anonymous
          Pot or golf....? That's like asking a parent to choose between their two sons...

          [Reply ]

        Re: Confused
        Posted on: 2014-04-12 12:40:47   By: Anonymous
        bordering on've made you point so move along now

        [Reply ]

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