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Posted by: Andy_Johnson on 04/23/2014 10:02 AM Updated by: Andy_Johnson on 04/23/2014 11:18 AM
Expires: 01/01/2019 12:00 AM

Glory Hole Fishing Report

Angels Camp, CA ... Trout fishing in rivers and streams opens this next Saturday, April 26. Most of the local rivers and streams are at a very fishable water flow. Generally at beginning of trout season we have a lot of snow melt and run off making it harder to fish. Unfortunately this year we have had very little rain and snow but, the early season fishing should be better cause of it.

Fishing Report
Water Conditions: New Melones Lake is currently holding 984,966 acre-feet of water. The lake level dropped five feet this week and is currently at 940 ft. above sea level and 145 ft. from full. The water is slightly stained with some areas forming mud lines. The average water temperature is 62-68 degrees and rising daily. The boat launch ramps on the Glory Hole side have been moved back out to the end of the point which makes for a very short walk.

Bass: Good. The bass are in transition to and from shallow water. At this time of the year they are dawn to the shallows for the spawn. The lake level is falling at an exaggerated rate making the fish a bit leery. In the mornings and evening the bass have been moving closer to the shoreline to feed. Throughout the day try fishing main lake points near deeper water. The water is warming a bit each week and there has been a pretty decent reaction bite. Try using spinner baits, crank baits, and jerk baits to catch the more aggressive fish. Then slow down and fish a jig, Carolina rig, or Senko to catch fish that aren't willing to chase.

Andrew Beard caught a nice 6-pound bass on a pumpkin Senko rigged Texas style near Glory Hole.

Trout: Slow. The trout has been tough and very few fish are being caught. The lake level is dropping and the water temperature is warming. This will push the trout from the shallows out to deeper/cooler water. Try to find areas with clearer water that are protected from the wind and have deep water access. Bank fishing has been tough with most of the trout moving away from the shoreline. If you do choose to fish for trout from the shore, try fishing near Glory Hole Point and near the 49-bridge because the main river channel and cooler water is close. For bait try nightcrawlers, or chartreuse or rainbow garlic scented Power Bait. Trolling anglers have been catching a few fish while trolling over deep water on the main lake. To target these fish try using downriggers or leadcore line, 30-60' deep over 150-200' of water. The fish are relating to the old river channel and deep water. They will be in cooler water areas during the hotter summer months. Brighter colored baits have been working best. Orange, chartreuse and firetiger will work for browns and rainbows. When fishing the main lake and deep water it is a good idea to have a couple lines out that are targeting brown trout. There have been many really nice browns caught and released in the last few weeks. Try rolling shad or trolling large jointed plugs or swim baits. A good area for browns is out in front of the dam/spillway area or between the bridges. It is also a good idea to add plenty of scent and remember to reapply throughout the day. We do encourage catch and release for the brown trout as The Department of Fish and Game will no longer be planting them. Carefully measure, weigh and photograph trophy fish and send us pictures and information.

Keith Misclone of Atwater caught four chunky kokanee while trolling near Rose Island.

Kokanee: Fair. The fish are starting to school up making them easier to find and catch. We have had reports of multiple limits being caught. Some of the kokanee seem to be a decent size for this time of the year, and they have months left to grow. Pink is always a great color for dodgers and baits, with orange and green producing fish as well. It is a good idea to troll various sizes, colors, baits and blade combinations. The fish will favor certain rigs, and it can be a process of elimination to find what appeals to them throughout the day. Be sure to tip your baits with dyed and scented corn or Gulp Maggots. Also apply scent to you blades and lures, and continue to reapply multiple times on each outing. Garlic, carp spit, kokanne special, and bloody tuna are all good flavors to use.

Bob James of Murphys caught a nice limit of kokanee trolling Glitter Bugs pink micro hoochies on the main lake.

Blake Osgood and his father and friend (not pictured) caught six kokanee near Coyote Creek using pink hoochies and copper blades.

Catfish: Fair. The big cats should be up and eager to feed in preparation for the spawn. The water temperature is getting warmer each day which will encourage the cats to move shallow. Try using frozen shad or a ball of crawlers to target these fish. Catfish are drawn to bait by scent so it is a good idea to add additional scent to your bait.
Glory Hole Sports Big Fish of the Week Contest goes to Doug Chew, and Luke and William Lum. They landed a massive 13-pound catfish while fishing with a white and chartreuse spinner bait.

Crappie: Fair. The crappie bite is getting better each week and we are hearing of more being caught each day. We expect a fairly good bite this spring due to the lower water levels and the amount of standing timber. Try fishing with mini jigs and grubs under a slip-float. Also, a great way to catch them is with live minnows. The crappie that are being caught are chunky 1-2 pound slabs.

Please practice catch and release during the spring months. The fish are full of eggs in preparation for the spawn. Take photos and carefully release the fish back into to the lake to maintain a healthy fish population for generations to come.

Trout Spinners
To effectively fish moving water there are a few different presentations and setups to have in your arsenal. One of the best and easiest ways to catch them is with a trout spinner. Any flowing water angler should consider carrying is a good supply of spinners.

Blue Fox Spinner in a firetiger color is a good bright colored spinner.

Blue Fox spinner in a rainbow trout pattern is a good natural colored spinner.
It is a good idea to have a few different colors and sizes. Color selection is always difficult and not always predictable. As a rule of thumb, natural colors work well in clear water and bright colors work in stained water.

Size 2 Panther Martin is a good choice for a light spinner.

Try using a 206 size Rooster Tail Spinner in small creeks and streams.

Gold blades are good in low light conditions and silver blades work well under bright, blue skies. The heavier spinners can be used in deeper fast moving water and the small light ones will entice fish in slower moving water and calmer pools.

A size 6 Panther Martin work great for deeper faster moving water.

Size 212 Rooster Tail is another good deep water spinner.

When fishing spinners in streams and rivers is important to have a light or ultra light spinning rod and a reel spooled with light 4# or 6# fishing line. This will make it easier to cast far and accurate. It is good to practice catch and release and if you decide to keep some, only keep what you can eat and release the rest to be caught another day.

Spring Break 2014 a memorable experience for 6th grader Heather"The Heat" Hadley! Heather and her father experienced catching trout for the 1st time with local resident "Marshmallow Mark". Mark took The Hadleys to Lake Tulloch ,where he took them in his boat to his secret trout fishing spot! Heather caught trout measuring 17- 29 inches! The Hadleys attributed their good luck to the "catch and release" of the 1st trout caught. After that, the trio caught a dozen trout in 3 hrs. A special thank you to Mark and also to John @ Glory Hole Sports for renting us the perfect fishing poles and gear for what will probably be , "a day that Team Hadley will never forget!" Thanks to you gentlemen, my daughter now loves to fish!

Damon Hadley, Vallejo ,Calif.

Guide Report from Guide Gary Burns

The Kokanee fishing on New Melones Lake is getting better everyday. Went out Easter by myself and the fishing was great put some nice fat and healthy 12 and 13" koks in the boat and released around 10 smaller ones. This weeks best fishing was around Rose Island from 38 to 55' Shasta Tackle Slingblades in pink and chrome. Uncle Larry's pink spinner was hot this week along with Glitter Bugs pink hoochies . The best bait this week was Gulp pink maggots I used very little corn this week. With the water dropping take the time to check the drags on you down riggers it will save damage to them and also to your boat the water is dropping about a foot a day.

Marshall and Wendy Foster put limits of koks in the boat and released 12.

See Ya On The Water
Gary Burns
Take it to te Limit Guide Service

Guide Report from Guide John Liechty

This last week I had a handful trips and all were a great success. The weather has been perfect, and the lake is extremely beautiful at this time of the year. Each outing has been very enjoyable, relaxing, and full of action.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of fishing with Scott and his 12-year old son Jack. We did not have a dull moment as we caught and released a bunch of fish including a really nice crappie. As the sun set over the hills, Scott hooked into an absolute giant. The fish wallowed on the surface a few times and eventually broke off. It was an awesome sight to see but, these giant fish can be hard to land.

On Saturday morning I met Don Kasso at the boat ramp for a half day trip. We started the day off right with a few explosive top water fish. We bounced around the lake fishing a variety of soft plastic presentations. We caught fish on each spot and settle on one where we caught two and three pound spotted bass cast after cast. We had a great day fishing together. Don wanted me to catch a fish so at the end of the day I made a few cast and ended the trip with a chunky 4-pound spot caught on a Senko. Each trip was an Xperience that will not be forgotten.

Xperience Fishing Guide Service
John Liechty (209)743-9932

Vibrant Lupine, with a few scattered Pinedrops cover the hill side on the buck brush trail to Angels Creek. "Some species of plants lack the green pigment chlorophill required to synthesize sugars (plant food) in sunlight. For many years it was believed that these plants fed upon decomposing matter in the soil as fungi do. Such plants were called Saprotrophs. Recent studies have shown that the plants do not feed upon matter in the soil but are parasites on soil fungi. These fungi may in turn be connected to the roots of green plants with which they exchange sugar, water, or nutrients. These mycotrophic (fungus eating) plants may receive sugars from the photosynthetic work of neighboring plants through a fungus bridge. While both the host green plant and fungi benefit from their mycorrhizal (fungus-root) relationship, the odd reddish plants are freeloaders." (The Laws Field Gide To The Sierra Nevada, John Muir Laws)

Photo and information courtesy of Robert Peffer

A Deli Panini
one per customer per week
Offer Expires: 05/01/2014

Trout Spinners

Offer Expires: 05/01/2014

Glory Hole Sports | 2892 Highway 49 | P.O. Box 1195 | Angels Camp | CA | 95222

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