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Posted by: thepinetree on 04/24/2014 10:41 AM Updated by: thepinetree on 05/02/2014 09:01 AM
Expires: 01/01/2019 12:00 AM

Mike Borean For Calaveras County Supervisor District Three

Hathaway Pines, CA...A heartfelt thanks to all who attended the Town Hall Candidate’s Forum that was held in Murphys last Wednesday, April 16th. I also want to thank everyone who watched the forum on the Pine Tree. In case you missed it, you can watch it by copying the following link and pasting it into your browser....

A heartfelt thanks to all who attended the Town Hall Candidate’s Forum that was held in Murphys last Wednesday, April 16th. I also want to thank everyone who watched the forum on the Pine Tree. In case you missed it, you can watch it by copying the following link and pasting it into your browser:

Several very good questions were raised and answered. Please read my expanded answers to those questions below.

TOT or Transient Occupancy Tax. This question came out of the blue and I was not fully prepared to give an intelligent discussion on this topic. I relied on my basic instinct to be hesitant to any new tax or the raising of taxes. As I stated in the meeting, my fear to an increase of the TOT could potentially deter future visitors. Many in the audience disagreed.

Since the meeting, I have done considerable research and it seems that a TOT is not a deterrent to tourists. Calaveras has one of the lowest TOT rates in the Mother Lode at 6%. The TOT tax revenue for Calaveras County in 2013 was just over $200,000 down from a high of over $700,000 a few years ago, a direct result of the national recession. If the TOT for Calaveras County was at 10%, we would have seen TOT revenues of just over $330,000 last year. The high a few years ago would have been just over $1.1 million. This is not a great amount of money compared to a budget of over $70 million, but considering our current $8.1 million budget deficit, it would sure help.

In my research, I found it interesting that Mariposa County receives the bulk of their tax Revenue from their 10% TOT. Granted, Mariposa has a completely different economic base than Calaveras County in that they rely heavily on tourism. Being the gateway to Yosemite plays a huge factor in this. This doesn’t have a lot to do with the TOT issue in Calaveras, but I thought it was interesting, just the same.

In the final analysis, I am no longer against raising the TOT. The rub here is that the raising of the TOT must be voted on by the citizens of Calaveras County. Two previous attempts to raising the TOT have failed. In order for another attempt to be successful, we must educate the public on the benefits of the TOT and of the risks involved. The same arguments for and against the TOT were raised in Mariposa as they were here. It seems to work for the folks in Mariposa County, maybe it’s time that that we take another look.

Libraries and the Columbia College Satellite Campus. These two issues are not directly related, but a friend suggested an idea that could be a win-win, read on.

Measure E was passed in 2004 as a bond measure to fund improvements to the three

Yosemite Community College campuses, as well to build satellite campuses in Angles Camp, Oakdale, and Los Banos. Since the passage of Measure E, the bulk of the money was spent on improving the existing three campuses. Land was purchased in Angles Camp (near Bret Harte High School) and plans were made to build a 9,000 square foot facility. Those plans are now on hold indefinitely. According to the Yosemite Community College District’s Public Affairs Director, satellite campuses are no longer viable, due to a change in the way the State funds Community Colleges, the delivery method of higher education has changed, and, the makeup of the student population has changed. It is extremely disappointing, but we will not see a satellite campus in Angels Camp anytime soon.

With the current budget deficit of $8.1 million, we are faced with painful and unpopular cuts. All County Departments are already reeling from cuts in recent years and we are now faced with the elimination of programs that many hold dear, namely the Libraries. I saw the passion for the libraries from many in the audience, and their disappointment when I told them that I couldn’t promise that the Libraries would be spared.

Here is where the win-win comes into play. I’m sure that you will agree with me in that the Yosemite Community College District owes Calaveras County something, as we have been paying for the Bond Measure for ten years! The libraries could be an avenue where we could reap some local benefits from Measure E. A great deal of higher education is being delivered via on-line courses. This is great if you have a computer and a strong internet connection. Many in our district lack both. What if, the Community College funds media rooms in the eight Libraries in Calaveras County? The funding from the College could pay for the computer hardware as well for a Librarian who could assist students accessing on-line courses.

If this concept works, we could help fund and keep the libraries open and we could offer higher education locally. This is a far cry from a satellite campus, but until that becomes a reality, it could be the next best solution.

Candy Rock Quarry Shooting Area: Boy, did I kick over a hornet’s nest with this one! A couple of months ago I was asked what my position was on Candy Rock. In my explanation I clearly stated that I fully support the 2nd amendment, I am a shooter and a hunter, and that I am an advocate for gun rights. This explanation fell on deaf ears for those who are adamant about keeping Candy Rock open to shooting. Sound studies have been conducted that concluded that the sound of gun shots at Candy Rock fall below ambient noise levels. These studies ignore the “impact” level of gunshot noise. The shooting at Candy Rock imposes an intolerable nuisance to the folks who live in Canyon View Estates. I have heard the heart breaking stories of families that have been forced from their houses because they couldn’t tolerate the noise of incessant gun shots from the quarry site. These concerns were discounted and mocked by one of my opponents in the supervisorial race.

If we continue to allow the use of Candy Rock as a shooting site, we will create even more enemies of the shooting community. I am fearful that the news media will make a spectacle of Candy Rock and the blatant disregard that “some” in the gun community have for others. I am deeply concerned that the continued use of Candy Rock Quarry as a shooting site will give credence to those who do not respect the 2nd amendment.

Despite the veiled threats and the attempts at intimidation that I have received since publicly stating my opinion regarding Candy Rock, I sincerely extend my hand in cooperation in developing an alternate shooting site that will protect our 2nd Amendment rights and respect the rights of homeowner’s to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

To those who have a passion in keeping Candy Rock Quarry open, please consider using your energy, your talents, and your knowledge in working with me to develop an alternate and hopefully better area to enjoy our sport.

What qualifies me to serve as a Supervisor and what makes me the best Candidate?

My education, my career, my vision and my work ethic, I believe makes me the best Candidate to serve as your Supervisor in District 3.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I earned my degree in four years while working for Cal Fire during the summer and part time during the school year. I graduated with honors, not because I was the smartest person in the room, I rarely was, but because I was driven to succeed and I worked my tail off.

In my 28 year career with the San Mateo Fire Department, I have risen through the ranks from Firefighter, to Fire Captain, to Battalion Chief. I currently manage a battalion that spans three cities and includes twelve fire companies in nine fire stations. I work with three different labor groups on a daily basis and with three different City organizations and with two Police Departments, the Sheriff’s office and the CHP. I have been the Incident Commander on many significant emergencies, including one where a high school student detonated one of twelve pipe bombs he brought on the first day of school. As the recession affected the City budgets, we made structural changes to the Fire Department by cutting eight Chief Officer Positions while maintaining current service levels. This taught me how to ignore the “sacred cows” and how to make a government more efficient and cost effective.

As a business owner in Calaveras County, I have experienced how the errors of the Board of Supervisors can have a dramatic negative effect on the local economy. Seven years ago the Board created the Community Development Department which promptly ground the permitting process to a halt. Our friends were out of work simply because permits were not being processed. I became President of the resurrected Calaveras Builder’s Association and with many in the construction trades; we filled the Supervisor’s Chambers on several occasions. We were successful in prompting the Board to eliminate the Community Development Department, unfortunately, the harm to our economy was already done and we had a head start on the recession.

I have been intimately involved in our community through my experience as a youth sports coach. I had the honor of coaching a couple hundred of our athletes in wrestling, baseball, and soccer. I am very proud that my alumni wrestling brothers were able to produce a section championship team when we coached at Bret Harte.

Calaveras County is my family home. My brothers and sisters grew up here and my wife and I raised our five children here. Last year we laid my father to rest in the family crypt in Murphys and some day (hopefully a long time from now) I will be laid to rest next to him. Calaveras is and will always be my home. I am on a mission to make our county prosper so that our children can return here someday if that is their desire. This cannot happen right now with the lack of good jobs and a poor business climate.

I would greatly appreciate your vote on June 3rd. Together we can make Calaveras prosper!

Comments posted under this listing: Once again, I am opening this listing to on-line posts. This forum is an excellent way for you to share your ideas. I have received some excellent

information and good questions from those who have posted comments. At the same time, some folks have taken the opportunity to take cheap shots at myself and at my two opponents in the race. I have a simple request; please keep your posts civil.Some ideas and information is difficult to fully cover via this forum. If you wish to have a personal conversation with me, please sent me an e-mail at and include your phone number. I promise I will contact you. Several people have accepted this invitation we have had many valuable conversations. I don’t profess to know all the answers, but with your help, we can work in that direction.

Thank you,

Mike Borean

Candidate for Calaveras County Supervisor, District 3

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