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Posted by: thepinetree on 05/11/2014 10:46 AM Updated by: thepinetree on 05/11/2014 01:01 PM
Expires: 01/01/2019 12:00 AM

Complete Government Center Frog Jump Results

San Andreas, CA...We had already posted that Marcia Thompson & "Morph" had taken the top stop but we thought we would pass along some random video clips and over 140 photos of the event. Jockeying our local mascots seems easy enough until you try it. On Tuesday it seemed to take a woman's coaxing to get our green friends to leap. Some of the biggest guys in the crowd from the public works department barely got them to budge. There was one petite female whom shall remain nameless who not only scared her frog into movement but scared many in attendance as well. One has to assume from the harmless looking packaging on the outside that her bark must be worse than her bite.....

Over 140 Photos Above and Video Below

If one's name was on a ballot or if you happened to be the newest hire or one of the designated guns from the perennial favorites in the assessors office then the Tuesday the week before Fair Week every year is a big deal.

The compete results are below...

Frog Jump Entries 2014
Department Frog Jockey Frog's Name Length of Jump
Library Marcia Thompson Morph 12' 11"
Courts Grant Barrett Judge Ribbiter 2' 9"
Co. Counsel Camille Bakker Forest Jump 6' 10"
Co. Counsel Megan Stedtfeld Toadley Legal 6; 4"
Co. Counsel Julie Moss-Lewis Notwithstanding 4' 8"
Co. Counsel Janis Elliott Long Gone 3' 1"
Co. Counsel Michael Hansell Frog-a-Go-Go 4'
BOS Cliff Edson Hop On 4' 10"
BOS Merita Callaway Corridor 4 3' 2"
Admin Shirley Ryan Fly by Night 3; 3"
Admin Zachariah Jumping Ship 2' 7"
Admin Diane Severud Public Comment 1' 5"
Admin Lori Norton Hip Hopper 6' 6"
Admin Karen Osborn UP UP and Away 5' 1"
BI Inc. Melissa Devaney Oscar 8' 6"
Auditor Joesph Pachinger Revenue's-A-Comin' 9' 5"
Assessor Adriane Parris Slimy Budget 12' 1"
Assessor Lorna Baisch Property Predator 6' 10"
Probation Sam Leach Realignment 4' 10"
HHSA Amanda Benton Trevor 6' 6"
HHSA Kelly Kirschten Danica 5' 10"
HHSA Stephani Hatfield Prince Valium 6' 4"
HHSA Neal Parrish Princess Xanas 6' 5.5"
Animal Services Henning Schreiber Bruiser Unlicensed 2' 10.5"
Environmental Health Ali Hossan Rhino 5' 10.5"
Public Health Services Kim Hollingshead & Linsey Dowell Chicken Dinner 8' 10"
Public Health Services Alaina Belli & Christian Tucker Dan'l Webster 2' 5"
District Attorney Kelly Snider Marsy 6'
District Attorney Katie Kelling Mr. Hoppy 10' 8.5"
First 5 Teri Lane Madame Jumpy Toes 5' 8.5"
First 5 Tianna Lane Bob the Blob Frog 6' 3"
Public Works Brian Boitano Italian Stallion 8' 6"
Public Works Dave Arce Dale Jr. 4' 10.25"
Public Works Troy Smith Trog 5' 7"
Public Works Darren Johnson The Big D Johnson 8' 7.5"
Public Works Todd Kenyon Frog-O-Chanic 9' 1"
Clerk/Recorder Wyatt Earp 6' 6.5"
Clerk/Recorder Addison Glanville Eep 11"
Tax Collector/Treasurer Paula Dunlap Skeeter 3; 8.5"
TSD Garrett Parsons ToadRunner 4' 7.5"
TSD Kelly Stefanick Hoppertunity 6' 1"
TSD Barbara Bittick Sparky 1' 7.5"
TSD Mark Kirkendall Kroakendall 8' 6"
Tax Collector/Treasurer Kathy Osincup Freddie The Frog 9' 4.5"
Public Works Nick Graves Snoop Froggy Frog 3'
Planning Peter Maurer Tastes Like Chicken 3' 5"
Planning Deborah Mullen Hoponthebustothefair 6' 8"
DA Dana Pfeil Justice 8' 6.5"
AG Jason Boetzer Agapantha 10' .5"

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No Subject
Posted on: 2014-05-12 07:24:10   By: Anonymous
No frog leg recipes .

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