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Posted by: Lea_Marie_C_Paar on 05/29/2014 12:52 PM Updated by: Lea_Marie_C_Paar on 05/29/2014 12:53 PM
Expires: 01/01/2019 12:00 AM

Local Couple Hosts Fundraiser for Friends of Calaveras Animal Services in Honor of Beloved Roscoe

Big Trees, Ca...Local couple host 1st fundraiser for FOCAS (Friends of Calaveras Animal Services) in honor of their beloved, Roscoe an 8-1/5 year old 16 lbs. Yorkie that was taken by a coyote just a year ago in his front yard. You may ask, as we did, What can a person's love for their pet create? How can the love we have for our little Rosoce Man have an impact for shelter animals in our county right now? Lots we'll tell you! Don't ever think that your love for your pet is silly or insignificant. Through their existence our hearts open on levels we may not have otherwise experienced in our lifetime without them. That opening can have a profound effect on our future and benefit the future of our shelter animals. Here is a brief story that we hope will touch and inspire you...

You may ask, as we did, What can a person's love for their pet create? How can the love we have for our little Rosoce Man have an impact for shelter animals in our county right now? Lots we'll tell you!

Don't ever think that your love for your pet is silly or insignificant. Through their existence our hearts open on levels we may not have otherwise experienced in our lifetime without them. That opening can have a profound effect on our future and benefit the future of our shelter animals. Here is a brief story that we hope will touch and inspire you.

It is called the 2nd Annual Roscoe Memorial because last year we had a private memorial service at our home, after losing Roscoe to a coyote. This included "his" daily 2 mile walk, a BBQ and a candle light vigil honoring all those amazing companions that were not with us. Thirty plus friends & family participated to honor our little guy and comfort us in our time of grief.

A few months later, we became aware of(9) seven week old puppies and their mother that were living in unthinkable conditions. Outdoors, being terrorized by coyotes at night, no shade during the hot days in a pen filled with filth, and only adult kibble and dirty, if any, water to drink. We rescued them, and fostered all 10 until Animal Services and FOCAS volunteers helped us get them legally signed over to us.

Because of our lack of education and how this all worked we were a little nervous of what might happen to these innocent pups. Well they were given their much needed shots, and health exams, bathed again and tended to by the volunteer staff. Through their extreme efforts, dedication, love and relationships, that Animal Services and their volunteers have built over the past year with surrounding shelters, all of these little ones found Forever Homes in just a few weeks .

This was my first personal hands on realization that not every dog or cat has had such a blessed life as of our little Roscoe Man. But what could we do? As the first anniversary of Roscoe's being gone was approaching we felt a huge need to honor Rosoce, and help those that are so committed to helping the lost, injured, and less fortunate animals of our community.

We were hopeful our friends and family would attend this memorial and would all donate a few bucks and perhaps we might be able to hand a donation of a few hundred dollars over for our efforts. Well what we've learned is that in this community if you are truly in need and ask for what you need, it will come back many fold. It seemed everyone we told wanted to donate a gift and thus the raffle was created. Facials, Acupuncture session, rounds of golf, organic produce, pet supplies, accommodations, concert tickets, local wines, and more, all generously donated by local businesses.

Tickets were made and then more tickets had to be made because the volunteers were selling out on a daily basis. Donations were given by our local businesses totally over $3400.00! Those local business that did not donate asked if they could be a sponsor. These included Cabinets N' More, Skin Care By Tami, Murphys Design Center, Grant's Building & Repair, Elements and Sierra Hills Market helped out with the BBQ food.

On Sunday, May 25th dogs and their human companions turned out for the Second Annual Roscoe Memorial Walk & BBQ held at our private residence in Big Trees Village. Walkers with leashed dogs walked under the cooling shade of tall pines to raise funds for FOCAS. Three FOCAS volunteers showed up at our home early to help with whatever we needed. They made it possible that we could actually join the others on the walk, leaving the house tended by them. They did the entire clean up, and participated with guests to educate them on this new non-profit and their goals.

At the end of the day our local community through donations for the raffle prizes, raffle tickets sales, private donations and our sponsors totaled over $7900.00. Not bad for a first time out we thought. Then our thoughts went to how wonderful it would be to double that next year. Perhaps by sharing our story...

The need is there for these animals, and the support is there from this community. We hope you join us throughout this year to support the efforts of FOCAS. Next year we invite you to join us for the 3rd Annual Roscoe Memorial, show off your beloved companion and pay it forward to those loving, unconditional shelter animals, whom of no fault of their own, are less fortunate and alone then our current companions, and who only want a loving home, to be loved and to love.
Meet you at The Rainbows Bridge my loving companion...
In memory of our Roscoe Man, Maura & Jeff Grant

We would like to thank the following local businesses and people for their generous donations that made this event possible:

Deirdra Dalton, Donna & Ken Keyes, Carol & Michael Mergen, Greenhorn Creek, Angels Vet Hospital, Sequoia Woods & Bob Stillwell, Elements, Skin Care By Tami, Cabinets N' More, Murphys Design Center, Frogs Tooth Winery, The Outhouse Collection, Murphys Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine, Inner Balance, Sierra Hills Market, Life Therapies, Jackie Reeves, Beverly Scholar,, Patti Miles, The Groom Shop, Murphys Hotel, Kristine's Clothing, The Spice Tin, John & Michele Rugo, Camp Connell Groceries, Hillbillies Restaurant, Arnold Animal Clinic, Arnold Pantry, Villa Vallecito Vineyard, and Vadora.

More Information on FOCAS:
Friends of Calaveras Animal Services or FOCAS emerged from the passion of residents Debby Beaufort, Peggy Morely, Michele Rugo, Judy Telezinksi, and Shari Webb who created the non-profit as a way to maintain and enhance the county’s Animal Services department and shelter in a time of looming budget cuts. FOCAS operates under the umbrella of the Calaveras Community Foundation and all donations are tax-deductible.

FOCAS’s first task will be to fund the transportation of two school portables to be placed at the shelter for housing animals. Currently, dogs and cats are housed in the same building. Should FOCAS be successful, all dogs will be housed in one building at the existing shelter and cats will be housed in the portables. This would be a first in the history of Calaveras County. The group’s hope is this will result in less stressed animals and less stress-related disease, in turn reducing the number of animals unnecessarily euthanized in the county each year. Animals who could have otherwise been wonderful pets and companions.

For more information about how you can donate or become involved, contact Judy at

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Thank You!!!!!
Posted on: 2014-05-29 19:20:51   By: Anonymous
Thank you so much for having the event benefit FOCAS :) this money is SOOOO Appreciated and will make an amazing difference in helping us get the new modulars or 'meow mansion'. Community support such as this really warms our hearts because it shows just how much our community cares about the welfare of the homeless critters :)

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