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Posted by: Lea_Marie_C_Paar on 05/30/2014 05:20 PM Updated by: Lea_Marie_C_Paar on 05/30/2014 05:20 PM
Expires: 01/01/2019 12:00 AM

The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office Logs For May 30

San Andreas, CA...The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office Logs For May 30...

We would like to Thank Signal Service for Sponsoring our Law Enforcement Category!

24 Hours --- Thursday, May 29, 2014

08:12 911 Hang Up 140529032
Occurred at Fowler Peak - Cell Tower on Stallion Wy. , Angels Camp. Possibly a pocket dial - radio extremely
loud and sounds like someone driving .. Disposition: No Report Taken.

08:15 Burglary Not in Progress 140529033
Occurred on Old Cement Plant, San Andreas. Someone cut the locks and went in with a trailer and took
equipment. . Disposition: Report Taken.

08:26 Vandalism 140529034
Occurred at Calaveras River Academy on Old Oak Rd. , San Andreas. Damage to school bus. _Disposition:
Report Taken.

08:27 Trespass 140529035
Occurred on Hwy 4, Vallecito. PGE workers coming onto property. _Disposition: No Report Taken.

08:38 Alarm Sounding 140529036
Occurred on Hwy 26, Valley Springs. Residential alarm .. Disposition: False Alarm.

09:42 Disturbance 140529038
Occurred at Black Creek Park on Black Creek Dr. , Copperopolis. Verbal altercation reported .. Disposition: No
Report Taken.

09:43 911 Hang Up 140529039
Occurred at Copper Cove Homeowners Association on Black Creek Dr. , Copperopolis .. Disposition: No
Report Taken.

10:12 911 Misdial 140529040
Occurred at Toyon Middle School on Double Springs Rd. , Valley Springs. Misdial from an unactivated cell
phone .. Disposition: No Report Taken.

10:21 Traffic Stop 140529042
Officer initiated activity at Meadow Ln, Arnold .. Disposition: Citation Issued.

10:41 Traffic Stop 140529045
Officer initiated activity at Hogan Lake Estates, Robin Rd/Vista Del Lago Dr, Valley Springs .. Disposition: No
Report Taken.

11:01 911 Hang Up 140529047
Occurred at Toyon Middle School on Double Springs Rd. , Valley Springs .. Disposition: No Report Taken.

11:34 Disturbance 140529053
Occurred at Hwy 4 on (Unknown Address) .. , Disposition: No Report Taken.

12:02 Traffic Stop 140529058
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 4/PENNSYL VANIA Gulch Rd, Murphys .. Disposition: No Report Taken.

12:05 911 Hang Up 140529059
Occurred at Calaveras Works & Human Services on E Saint Charles St. , San Andreas. Accidental dial per
employee .. Disposition: No Report Taken.

12:11 Alarm Sounding 140529060
Occurred on Mauna Kea Dr, Arnold .. Disposition: False Alarm.

14:03 Disturbance 140529067
Occurred on Parsons Ln, West Point. . Disposition: No Report Taken.

14:16 Disturbance 140529069
Occurred on Gold Hunter Rd, San Andreas. Estranged spouse at residence and is not welcome there. ,
Disposition: No Report Taken.

14:17 Traffic Stop 140529070
Officer initiated activity at Surrey Ln/Church St, Murphys .. Disposition: No Report Taken.

15:24 Grand Theft 140529079
Occurred at Goldstrike Mobile Home Park on Gold Strike Rd. , San Andreas .. Disposition: Report Taken.

15:29 Alarm Sounding
Occurred on Mustang Rd, Arnold. Residential. . Disposition: No Report Taken.

15:51 Disturbance
Occurred on Bald Mountain Rd, West Point. . Disposition: No Report Taken.

15:53 Suspicious Person 140529083
Officer initiated activity at St Andrews Apartments, Saint Andrews Rd, Valley Springs.. Disposition: No
Report Taken.

15:55 911 Hang Up 140529084
Occurred at Andreas Vista - Cell Tower on Andreas Vista. , San Andreas. Disposition: No Report Taken.

15:56 Burglary Not in Progress 140529085
Occurred on Gold Tl, Wilseyville. Housebroken into during the last week. . Disposition: No Report Taken.

16:07 Suspicious Person 140529087
Occurred at Hwy 4 Access RdlBorbe Ranch Rd, Vallecito. RP advising male subjlaying next to the street.
Wearing black. , Disposition: No Report Taken.

16:15 Traffic Stop
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 4, Copperopolis. Top of copper grade.. Disposition: Citation Issued.

16:29 Disturbance 140529091
Occurred at Southworth Rd/Cliff Ct, Wallace. Male in late 20's is blocking the roadway and in a
415 with an
xray in another vehicle. , Disposition: No Report Taken.

16:57 Firearms Discharged
Occurred on Camanche Parkway South, Burson. , Disposition: Arrest Made.

18:34 911 Misdial
poss pocket dial 17 miles meters

19:27 Traffic Stop
Officer initiated activity at Main St, Copperopolis. _Disposition: No Report Taken.

20:03 Trespass 140529101
Occurred at Domaine Becquet Winery Tasting Room on Main St. , Murphys. Infront at the memorial area
there are juveniles skate boarders skateboarding on the memorials rp asked them to leave but they are not. ,
Disposition: No Report Taken.

20:43 Disturbance 140529103
Occurred on Westhill Rd. Valley Springs. Noise complain live band practricing up to loud rp rqstg contact
if nessesary.. Disposition: No Report Taken.

22:11 Alarm Sounding
Occurred on Stagecoach Rd Copperopolis. Residential alarm.. Disposition: False Alarm.

22:23 Alarm Sounding
Occurred on Mustang Rd, Arnold. Residential. . Disposition: False Alarm.

22:24 Suspicious Circumstances 140529110
Occurred at CvsPharmacy on Hwy 12. , Valley Springs. Twovehicles chasing each other in the parking lot
they are all gone unknown direction of travel looked like the vehicles were in a disturbance chasing one
another in the parking lot rp also trans to chp.. Disposition: No Report Taken.

23:11 Trespass 140529112
Occurred on Cabernet St, Jenny Lind. Animal feeder and pins taken tall white male keeps returning, rp ran
him off the propertyjust a few minutes ago, hoped fence into neighbors yard rqstg contact. . Disposition:
Report Taken.

00:00 Suspicious Person 140530001
Occurred at Camanche Pwy/Limestone. Wma heavy tatted carrying blk bag.. Disposition: No Report Taken.

00:17 Suspicious Person 140530002
Officer initiated activity at Umpqua Bank, Hwy 26, Valley Springs.Wma backpack. . Disposition: No Report

00:38 Alarm Sounding 140530004
Occurred on Jibway Dr, Camp Connell. Residential. . Disposition: False Alarm.

00:45 Suspicious Person 140530005
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 26/SAINT Andrews Rd, Valley Springs. Disposition: No Report Taken.

02:17 Disturbance 140530010
Occurred at Pioneer Apartments on W Saint Charles S1. San Andreas. Upstairs neighbors in a verbal cant
tell if its physical or verbal can hear the female in the apartment below rp . Disposition: No Report Taken.

02:33 Suspicious Circumstances 140530011
Occurred on Kiva Dr Copperopolis. Some one just came over and pounded on her door no more pounding
Disposition: No Report Taken.

02:49 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 140530013
Occurred at Safari Mobile Home Park on Moran Rd. , Avery. Car drive in in the lower park section.
Disposition: No Report Taken.

03:22 Alarm Sounding 140530014
Occurred on Paseo Delago, Copperopolis. Res .. Disposition: False Alarm.

03:49 Suspicious Person 140530015
Occurred at Hwy 12/CENTRAL Hill Rd. San Andreas. Central hill road area a woman walking attempting to
wave rp down seemed frantic rp kept driving. Disposition: No Report Taken.

04:18 Theft 140530018
Occurred on Springhouse Rd, Angels Camp. Disposition: Report Taken.

05:03 Traffic Stop 140530020
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 4/ROCK Creek Rd, Copperopolis .. Disposition: No Report Taken.

07:11 Disturbance 140530025
Occurred at Hwy 4/POOL Station Rd, Copperopolis. Disposition: No Report Taken.

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