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Call to Order
Roll Call
1. Conference with legal counsel - anticipated litigation – significant exposure to litigation, (one case) pursuant to Government Code section 54956.9 (d)(2); Board action:
Pledge of Allegiance
This is a time for board members and County staff to provide updates of upcoming County events that may be of interest to the public.
2. Adopt a Proclamation honoring Mark McCormick for 37 years of service to the residents of Calaveras County in the Health and Human Services Agency Behavioral Health Division and congratulating him on his retirement.
document Proclamation Printout
a. Mark McCormick Retirement Proclamation 8.27.18
3. Minutes of Sep 11, 2018 8:30 AM
4. Accept and sign 2018 State of California, Department of Parks & Recreation, Division of Boating and Waterways grant agreement to award $101,280 to purchase a new patrol boat and trailer for the Sheriff's Office; authorize and sign one certified resolution acknowledging the DBW grant acceptance.
document Action Item Printout
a. DBW Law Enforcement Equipment Grant-Boat & Trailer 8-2018
5. Adopt a Resolution authorizing replacement of the Emergency Services/Disaster Recovery Coordinator Job Description with Emergency Services Coordinator job description.
document Resolution Printout
a. DRAFT Emergency Services Coordinator
b. Emerg Svcs Disaster Recovery Coordinator
6. Approve an increase to Blanket Purchase Order 1003 in the amount of $48,588.00 (for a total not to exceed amount of $90,000.00) with Holt of California of Stockton, California for Heavy Equipment Rental needs for work performed on project locations associated with disaster project DR-4240, PW-88, Butte Fire Roads for a term to expire August 24, 2018.
document Action Item Printout
a. BP1003 Holt of California
7. Adopt a resolution to authorize the Director of Health and Human Services Agency to 1) sign and submit a letter of interest for the Homeless Mentally Ill Outreach and Treatment Program to the Department of Health Care Services resulting in revenue of up to $100,000 to be expended by June 30, 2020; and 2) execute the subsequent agreement and any and all other documents required to receive the funding.
document Resolution Printout
a. DHCS Ltr of Intent Homeless Mentally Ill Funding
8. Authorize the Director of the Health and Human Services Agency to sign an agreement with Mariposa County for Public Guardian Case Management Services, resulting in up to $10,000 in revenue.
document Non Resolution Agreement Printout
a. Mariposa County Agreement
9. Adopt a resolution appointing Dr. Dean Kelaita as the Calaveras County Health Officer, effective July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.
document Resolution Printout
10. Authorize the Director of Health and Human Services Agency to sign the Renewal Application and Certification forms for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG) resulting in revenue in the amount of $145,313 for the period of July 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019.
document Non Resolution Agreement Printout
a. SAMHSA MHBG FY 2018-19 Renewal
11. Receive an update from the County's Federal lobbyist and provide direction to the County Administrative Officer on the Federal legislative priorities the 2018-19 fiscal year.
document Action Item Printout
12. Receive an update on disaster recovery activity throughout Calaveras County for Butte Fire 2015, Tree Mortality 2015, Winter Storms 2017.
document Informational Item Printout
13. Adopt a Resolution vacating a 501-foot Pedestrian and Equestrian Easement as shown on the Subdivision Map of Camanche Lake Estates, Units 1, 2, and 3, between Lots 10 and 11.
document Resolution Printout
14. Adopt a Resolution summarily vacating a 50-foot Future Street off Marti Drive as shown in the attached Exhibit A and the Subdivision Map of Blue Lake Springs, Unit 7 between Lots 742 and 831 in Arnold.
document Resolution Printout
a. Exhibit A
15. Adopt the revised Board Rules of Procedure effective immediately. These rules supersede and replace all rules of procedure previously adopted by the Board of Supervisors; therefore, any resolution previously adopted setting or establishing Board procedures is hereby rescinded.
document Action Item Printout
a. 20170128 BOS Rules Agenda Item
b. 2018 CC Red-lined Revision Board Rules of Procedures
In compliance with AB1234, chaptered as Government Code Section 53232.3(d), Board members shall provide brief reports on meetings they attended at the expense of the local agency at the next regular meeting of the legislative body. This report is required to include meetings attended for which there has been expense reimbursement (mileage, meals, lodging, etc.), but may also, at the Board members discretion, include any other meeting attended by the Supervisor on behalf of the County.