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Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Staff Announcements
This is a time for County staff to provide updates of upcoming County events that may be of interest to the public.
1. Receive an update presentation from staff on COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).
document Informational Item Printout
2. Adopt a Proclamation declaring April 2020 Child Abuse Prevention Month in Calaveras County.
document Proclamation Printout
a. Economics of Child Abuse Report - Calaveras County 2019
b. 2018-19 Child Abuse Statistics for Calaveras County
c. 2020 Proclamation Child Abuse Prevention
3. Minutes of Mar 24, 2020 8:00 AM
4. Minutes of Apr 7, 2020 9:00 AM
5. Authorize the Board Chair to execute a First Amendment to a Fee/Retainer Agreement with Remy, Moose, Manley, LLP for on-going representation in Superior Court Case No. 19CV44446 to increase the not-to-exceed amount by $150,000 for a total not to exceed amount of $200,000.
document Action Item Printout
a. RMM 1st amendment CRACM
6. Authorize the Director of the Health and Human Services Agency to execute an Agreement with the Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency resulting in revenue in the amount of $71,131 to be used in the response to COVID-19 for homeless housing assistance and prevention and to be expended by June 30, 2020.
document Non Resolution Agreement Printout
a. ATCAA COVID19 Subcontractor Agreement
7. Authorize the Board Chair to sign Amendment 01 to the Willow Glen Care Center Agreement to update the rates charged for residential mental health rehabilitation services for severely mentally ill adults in an amount not to exceed $200,000 for the two year period of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020.
document Non Resolution Agreement Printout
a. Willow Glen Agmt. Exp. 6-30-20 - Original Agreement
b. Willow Glen A01 Agmt. Exp. 6-30-20
8. Authorize the Board Chair to 1) Make a Finding of Public Benefit in order to approve a one-time gift of $100,000 of grant funds to Sierra Hope, from the Homeless Mentally Ill Outreach and Treatment (HMIOT) funds, to be used within the rules and requirements of HMIOT for individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to be expended by June 30, 2020; and 2) Make said gift of funds to Sierra Hope.
document Action Item Printout
9. Adopt a Resolution to accept an award from the California Department of Parks and Recreation Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) Boating Safety for funding of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety Unit for FY 2020-21 in the Amount of $174,926.
document Resolution Printout
a. 2020-21 Boating Safety and Enforcment Aid Program Application
b. 20-21 Boating Safety and Enforcement Program agreement
10. Approve and authorize the Board Chair and the Sheriff to execute revenue Agreement for the Confinement of Amador County Inmates at the Calaveras County Jail between the County of Amador and the County of Calaveras for a period of two (2) years, which would start when the agreement is fully executed, at a daily rate of $85/day per inmate.
document Action Item Printout
a. Partially Executed Revised 2019 Inmate Confinement Agreement Between Amador & Calaveras
b. EXHIBIT A - AB900 Calaveras Ground Lease
c. EXHIBIT B - AB900 Calaveras Sublease
11. 1) Authorize Appropriation/Est Revenue Increase and Contingency Budget Transfers increasing revenue appropriations by $71,001 to object code 4712, Other Revenue, and corresponding expense appropriation adjustments, with a combined net increase of $71,001, and a decrease by $47,199 to Contingencies object code 5990 to transfer and increase appropriations by $47,199 to object code 5701, Capital Equipment, as indicated in Financing Section of this memo, within budget unit 54690000, Narcotics Seizure Account; 2) Direct the Auditor-Controller's Office to post said Budget Transfers; 3) Authorize the Purchasing Agent to adjust the Mid-Year Budget FY2019-2020 Capital Asset Schedule for the acquisition of one (1) outfitted Ford F350 4X4 Crew Cab Diesel Truck in the amount of $80,000; 4) Authorize the Purchasing Agent to dispense with competitive bidding requirements pursuant to Chapter 3.28 of the County Ordinance; 5) Authorize the Purchasing Agent to issue a Purchase Order to Folsom Lake Ford in an amount not to exceed $65,000, inclusive of applicable sales tax and fees, for the acquisition of said Ford F350 Truck; and 6) Authorize the Purchasing Agent to issue Purchase Orders to EVO-Emergency Vehicle Outfitters, Inc. for the purchase and installation of law enforcement emergency outfitting equipment, and Columbia Communications, Inc. for the purchase and installation of law enforcement radio communications equipment in the combined amount not to exceed $15,000. This item requires a 4/5ths affirmative vote of the Board.
document Action Item Printout
a. Partially Approved Budget Transfers for 54690000-Narcotics Asset Seizure Account
b. Folsom Lake Ford quote for Ford F350 for Sheriff's Office
c. EVO quote for outfitting of Ford F350 for Sheriff's Office
d. Columbia Communications quote for Ford F350 for Sheriff's Office
12. 1. Approve Agreement between the County of Calaveras (County) and the Calaveras County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Authority (AVA) to release funds to the County for the purposes of contracting with a vendor to abate AVA-qualified abandoned vehicles; and 2. Authorize the Board Chair to execute the Agreement.
document Non Resolution Agreement Printout
a. AVA Agreement with County 2020-1
b. Exhibit A
13. Approve the 2020 Parks & Recreation Commission Bylaws.
document Action Item Printout
a. 2020 P&R Bylaws
14. Appointment of applicants to serve on various Committees, Commissions, Advisory Boards and County Service Areas.
document Action Item Printout
c. 2020 SSedler Ap
15. Direct the CAO to direct a written notice to the Planning Commission to conduct its review of County Code Chapter 17.91 within 40 days of the notice, pursuant to Government Code § 65853.
document Action Item Printout
16. Introduce and Waive Reading of an Ordinance Amending Calaveras County Code Chapter 9.22; Authorize Summary Publication; and Find Ordinance Exempt from CEQA
document Action Item Printout
In compliance with AB1234, chaptered as Government Code Section 53232.3(d), board members shall provide brief reports on meetings they attended at the expense of the local agency at the next regular meeting of the legislative body. This report is required to include meetings attended for which there has been expense reimbursement (mileage, meals, lodging, etc.), but may also, at the board members discretion, include any other meeting attended by the Supervisor on behalf of the County.
17. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9 (d)(1): conference with legal counsel re: existing litigation: California Sportfishing Protection Alliance v. Eastern San Joaquin Groundwater Subbasin Sustainability Plan, et al. – Stanislaus County Superior Court Case No. CV-20-001720; Board action:
18. Public Employment, pursuant to Government Code Section 54957(b)(1): Title--County Counsel; Board action: