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Posted by: thepinetree on 06/30/2020 07:11 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 06/30/2020 07:11 PM
Expires: 01/01/2025 12:00 AM

West Nile Virus Arrives for 2020 in Amador County

Amador County, CA – Amador County Public Health confirms the first 2020 case of West Nile virus (WNV) in an Amador County horse. Outbreaks of WNV occur each summer in the United States and are most commonly transmitted to humans and animals through a mosquito bite from a mosquito harboring the virus. Public Health officials remind the community to take preventative measures to avoid mosquitoborne disease.

“The appearance of West Nile Virus in Amador County is not a surprise,” said Dr. Rita Kerr, Amador County Health Officer. “WNV has been detected in California and neighboring counties for the past few months. It is important that people be aware there are measures they can take to minimize exposure to
mosquitos and reduce the chance of becoming infected.”

Prevent mosquito bites by practicing the “Three D’s”:
1. DEET – Apply insect repellent containing DEET, picaradin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535
according to label instructions. Repellents keep the mosquitoes from biting you.
2. DAWN AND DUSK – Mosquitoes that carry WNV bite in the early morning and evening so it is
important to wear repellent at this time. Make sure that your doors and windows have tight-fitting
screens to keep out mosquitoes. Repair or replace screens with tears or holes.
3. DRAIN – Mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water. Eliminate all sources of standing water on
your property, including flower pots, old car tires, and rain gutters. Mosquito Dunks are another
prevention measure that are dropped in stagnant water, bird baths or ponds to form a barrier
which prevent mosquitos from breeding.

The risk of serious illness to most people is low. However, some individuals -- less than 1 percent -- will develop serious neurologic illness such as encephalitis or meningitis. People 50 years and older have a higher chance of getting sick and are more likely to develop serious symptoms. Those with diabetes and/or hypertension are at greatest risk for serious illness.

For more information on WNV, visit California’s West Nile virus website: For WNV virus equine vaccination information, please contact your veterinarian.

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Re: no subject
Posted on: 2020-06-30 19:15:57   By: Anonymous
Maybe that will countereact or negate the Covid 19? Just wishful thinking!

[Reply ]

    Re: no subject
    Posted on: 2020-06-30 21:40:28   By: Anonymous
    I work in a hospital. A 97 year old woman who fell in her house, is a Covid patient. Came to the ER with bruises and broken skin. She’s fine. She will recover...didn’t even break a bone...this woman is healthy. But she is listed as a covid case. It’s a scam. All a scam.

    [Reply ]

      Re: no subject
      Posted on: 2020-07-01 06:05:23   By: Anonymous
      Good story, did you make it up all by yourself?

      [Reply ]

        Re: no subject
        Posted on: 2020-07-01 07:03:23   By: Anonymous
        Perhaps it is made up, but I personally know of one old-timer in a nursing home who was on his way out, caught covid, died, and was listed as a covid death. I have heard of many other similar cases through the grapevine.
        I work a lot around various State and local agencies. Nobody is wearing masks unless forced to because of PR. They all know it is being way over-hyped.
        Nurses I deal with are saying that the patients they work with who have tested positive are not sick and only found out they had it because of the test. No symptoms. Many of these patients are elderly. The people dying of "covid" already had complications.
        Not trying to be confrontational at all, that's just my observations.

        [Reply ]

          Re: no subject
          Posted on: 2020-07-01 08:53:51   By: Anonymous
          And that, my friend, is exactly why this virus is so scary. Many are walking around asymptomatic but can spread the disease to others who may develop worse symptoms. Perhaps you should spend some time "going around" to the hospitals - particularly ICU units - in Texas and Florida to have a real view of what happens when individuals do not practice social guidelines to protect the health of others.

          [Reply ]

            Re: no subject
            Posted on: 2020-07-01 10:29:24   By: Anonymous
            I can hardly wait for all the new Tik-Toc dance routines from the overwhelmed and overworked nurses and Drs in Texas and Florida...

            [Reply ]

              Re: no subject
              Posted on: 2020-07-01 10:40:37   By: Anonymous
              Not me, I don't mind waiting until eternity. Personally I find it very unprofessional and shameful that they are dancing and screwing off in hospitals.

              [Reply ]

      Re: no subject
      Posted on: 2020-07-01 08:47:41   By: Anonymous
      I don't believe you for a minute. No nurse or doctor I know would ever push such falsehoods so expect you work elsewhere in the hospital if at all and you "heard" it through the gossip chain.

      [Reply ]

        Re: no subject
        Posted on: 2020-07-01 09:02:02   By: Anonymous
        Luckily the person who posted most likely doesn't give a rats a$$ whether the covid-nazi believes them or not.

        [Reply ]

        Re: no subject
        Posted on: 2020-07-01 10:42:43   By: Anonymous
        Look if they are clowning around dancing and making videos we should all be frightened to seek care there at all.

        [Reply ]

      Re: no subject
      Posted on: 2020-07-01 08:50:05   By: Anonymous
      A person can come in for other reasons but if COVID is found, special protocol needs to be in place so as not to affect other patients and staff. If this woman were to die, it would be up to the medical team and coroner to determine cause of death. Which very could be COVID if while on bedrest her lungs were infected. You really don't seem to have a thorough knowledge of how the medical community works.

      [Reply ]

        Re: no subject
        Posted on: 2020-07-01 09:04:03   By: Anonymous

        [Reply ]

      Re: no subject
      Posted on: 2020-07-01 08:57:22   By: Anonymous
      There's a reason even staunch Trump supporters like McConnell, Pence and Cruz are now supporting the wearing of masks. More and more people are sickening and dying across the country and they know their political futures are at risk. And yet, deniers like you will not accept the data and science. Doubt you're a real nurse or doctor and hoping you don't work in food service or janitorial services which could be just as bad for patients.

      [Reply ]

        Re: no subject
        Posted on: 2020-07-01 09:50:40   By: Anonymous
        Hmmm. On the Enterprise a woman asked "Are there any Covid-19 cases in hospital at Mark Twain?"

        To which someone replied "Currently no. As of June 24th there had only been 3 hospitalizations EVER of COVID-19 in Calaveras, only one of those for several days, and none of them requiring intubation, so all recovered."

        [Reply ]

          Re: no subject
          Posted on: 2020-07-01 10:52:56   By: Anonymous
          Does anyone see a problem here. Hospitals get paid more for more positive COVID tests & for "Documented" Covid19 Deaths. You can go into the hospital for a heart attack or another health problem and you will die from COVID. It has been said! Another issue. "Protests" & "Looting" are allowed Mask or No Mask but not Funerals, Family Gatherings or Celebrating American beliefs such as "4th of July. The only way to get Covid is when you practice your "American" rights. People are being persuaded to follow orders by the Governments use of bribery "Money" If you don't comply you will lose funding! Masks - Touching Your Face Constantly, Makes no sense!! Suddenly other severe illness have disappeared into thin air & Covid suddenly wasn't that important during the Protests! Just something to think about we all all have different perceptions!

          [Reply ]

Posted on: 2020-06-30 20:53:30   By: Anonymous
West Nile Virus!?!?! How are more people not talking about this??? Remember everything Doctors and the Health Department were telling us about how it would kill everyone and they were showing black & white pictures of bodies lining the Nile river? Doctors and Health Officers know their stuff so if they say it's scary, you better believe them! Spread the word: WEST NILE VIRUS IS HERE!!!!

[Reply ]

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