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Posted by: News_Desk on 11/25/2020 07:49 PM Updated by: News_Desk on 11/25/2020 07:49 PM
Expires: 01/01/2025 12:00 AM

Presidential Proclamation on Thanksgiving Day, 2020

Washington, DC...On Thanksgiving Day, we thank God for the abundant blessings in our lives. As we gather with family and friends to celebrate this season of generosity, hope, and gratitude, we commemorate America’s founding traditions of faith, family, and friendship, and give thanks for the principles of freedom, liberty, and democracy that make our country exceptional in the history of the world. This November marks 400 years since the Mayflower and its passengers faced the unknown and set sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Propelled by hope for a brighter future, these intrepid men and women endured two long months at sea, tired and hungry, to arrive in a new world full of potential. In the winter weather that greeted their arrival, they lost nearly half of their fellow travelers to exposure, disease, and starvation. Despite unimaginable hardships, these first Americans nevertheless remained firm in their faith and unwavering in their commitment to their dreams. They forged friendships with the Wampanoag Tribe, fostered a spirit of common purpose among themselves, and trusted in God to provide for them. The following year, they celebrated a successful harvest alongside their Native American neighbors — the first Thanksgiving. This seminal event in the history of our Nation is a continual reminder of the power of faith, love, perseverance, prayer, and fellowship.

The Mayflower’s arrival to the New World in 1620 also marks the arrival of the first seeds of democracy to our land. Absent the rule of a monarch in an uncharted wilderness, these early settlers resolved to create their own government through what is known as the Mayflower Compact. Defined by majority rule through elected leaders responsible for creating “just and equal laws,” the Mayflower Compact represents the first chapter in the long tradition of self-determination and rule of law in America. One hundred and fifty-six years later, our Nation’s Founding Fathers resolved to break free from England, building upon the Mayflower Compact to establish an enduring government whose authority came solely “from the consent of the governed.”

This year, as our Nation continues to combat the coronavirus pandemic, we have once again joined together to overcome the challenges facing us. In the midst of suffering and loss, we are witnessing the remarkable courage and boundless generosity of the American people as they come to the aid of those in need, reflecting the spirit of those first settlers who worked together to meet the needs of their community. First responders, medical professionals, essential workers, neighbors, and countless other patriots have served and sacrificed for their fellow Americans, and the prayers of our people have once again lifted up our Nation, providing comfort, healing, and strength during times of uncertainty. Despite unprecedented challenges, we have not faltered in the face of adversity. To the contrary, we have leveraged our strengths to make significant breakthroughs that will end this crisis, rebuilding our stockpiles, revamping our manufacturing capabilities, and developing groundbreaking therapeutics and life-saving vaccines on record-shattering timeframes.

During this season of gratitude, we also acknowledge those who cannot be with their families. This includes the brave American patriots of our Armed Forces who selflessly defend our sacred liberty at home and abroad. And we pause to remember the sacrifices of our law enforcement personnel and first responders. We are deeply grateful for all those who remain on watch over the holidays and keep us safe as we celebrate and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

This Thanksgiving, we reaffirm our everlasting gratitude for all that we enjoy, and we commemorate the legacy of generosity bestowed upon us by our forbearers. Although challenges remain, we will never yield in our quest to live up to the promise of our heritage. As we gather with our loved ones, we resolve with abiding faith and patriotism to celebrate the joys of freedom and cherish the hope and peace of a brighter future ahead.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Thursday, November 26, 2020, as a National Day of Thanksgiving. I encourage all Americans to gather, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-fifth day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fifth.


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No Subject
Posted on: 2020-11-25 20:02:09   By: Anonymous
There’s some white revisionist history! 😂

Also, no way Trump wrote, or read, this statement.

[Reply ]

    Re: /\/\ There's some...
    Posted on: 2020-11-25 22:38:42   By: Anonymous
    I firmly believe that he did read and write this statement! I assume that Joe will take over and what a "fine mess we'll be in" then!

    [Reply ]

      Re: /\/\ There's some...
      Posted on: 2020-11-26 06:56:32   By: Anonymous
      Have you seen the man’s tweets? He didn’t write this.

      [Reply ]

        Re: /\/\ There's some...
        Posted on: 2020-11-26 15:21:18   By: Anonymous
        I'm surprised Trump didn't tell us the story of the first Yo-semite Thanksgiving.

        [Reply ]

      Re: /\/\ There's some...
      Posted on: 2020-11-26 07:00:45   By: Anonymous
      And this pretty story about the first thanksgiving is BS. We should celebrate the day, but stop telling National fairytales.

      [Reply ]

      Re: /\/\ There's some...
      Posted on: 2020-11-26 07:26:11   By: Anonymous
      Trump is still hawking the 3rd grade version of the first Thanksgiving. Delusional AND ignorant of the losses suffered by Native Americans.

      [Reply ]

        Re: /\/\ There's some...
        Posted on: 2020-11-27 06:27:14   By: Anonymous
        this thing of a man who lies more for him self. is a sad human!!!

        [Reply ]

      Re: /\/\ There's some...
      Posted on: 2020-11-26 07:29:28   By: Anonymous
      You know how you can tell he didn't write this? Besides it basically being lifted from an elementary school history lesson, proper nouns within it are properly capitalized and common nouns are not.

      [Reply ]

      Re: /\/\ There's some...
      Posted on: 2020-11-26 08:41:11   By: Anonymous
      If you firmly believe tramp wrote this statement I have an island you might be interested in buying.

      [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2020-11-26 12:22:56   By: Anonymous
    To the first comment here, if you're so bitter about America, about our past, about our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Freedom, why don't you go to some other country where you'll find happiness? Just remember a few things, they might not want a whiner, a complainer, and they may not have free speech, especially when you whine about how your new country is run. We certainly are not perfect, but I like to believe we're the best country in the world.
    I don't think there's anyone forbidding you to leave here, so if you're not happy, GO, not only will you make many here happy not to hear your constant negativity, maybe you'll find a new country that's suited to you.
    Good luck if you go
    mmm bye bye now.

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2020-11-26 13:24:59   By: Anonymous
      America is founded on genocide, followed by slavery. Those are facts.
      White supremacy is woven into the fabric of this country. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The story of America, to me, is a nation striving to be better, to give *everyone* the same justice, dignity, and liberty, that the founders sought for themselves.

      We haven’t there, yet.

      [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2020-11-27 09:18:10   By: Anonymous
        Well said
        The MORON who's post you replied has just been drinking the Dictators Kool-Aid too long
        These ignorant trash will come around

        [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2020-11-27 06:01:59   By: Anonymous
    Just a lot of blather from that fat orange loser. No way he could have written this crap, he can't even read a sentence without falling asleep. KICK HIM OUT, LOCK HIM UP, GIVE HIM TO THE RUSSIANS.

    [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2020-11-25 20:08:42   By: Anonymous

Americans revive spirit of first Thanksgiving by carrying disease to new areas

Across the United States, millions of people pointedly spurning CDC advice as they celebrated Thanksgiving during a time of increased covid-19 community spread were excited to hearken back to the very first traditions of European settlement in the Americas.

“We wanted to keep alive the customs these settlers helped start,” explained one family that was traveling hundreds of miles to spread disease to people they didn’t know because they thought the trip would be best for their family. “We just want to do the same thing they did, but in a way that includes a dish that somehow incorporates both marshmallows and sweet potatoes.”

These Thanksgiving reenactors were dedicated to making sure the holiday got the celebration it deserved. “Usually," another ardent patriot said, "my Thanksgiving celebration is based on a selective and misleading interpretation of history. This year, it will be based on a selective and misleading interpretation of science as well. And I brought green beans with those weird little packaged onion things on them!”

“It’s a point of pride with me to ignore any guidelines that would prevent my bringing pestilence with me to this important family holiday,” one celebrator noted. “The Pilgrims didn’t pay attention to any guidelines! Dare I act as though to be alive now offers me any advantages over what they had?"

One matriarch, sticking her entire arm into the slick carcass of a bird, offered, "It’s important to me that my Thanksgiving keeps the traditions of those first fur traders and colonists alive: where I feel as though I am absolutely and divinely right to do what I am doing and refuse to connect my actions with consequences in any way.”

“I was watching a PBS special about the Pilgrims,” one American said, “and they spent their entire first winter in Massachusetts before Thanksgiving just watching their family members die. They carried them out to the woods, propped them up against trees and left them there to give the illusion that the settlement was guarded. That wasn’t something we incorporated into our Thanksgiving before, but it’s never too late to start a new tradition, provided that new tradition does not involve Zoom in any way!”

“If the attendees at the first Thanksgiving had been able to choose between having all their loved ones alive or having a big, celebratory meal a single time, I am pretty sure that they would have chosen the second thing,” said another traveler, who added that under no circumstances would he be shamed by any stay-at-home recommendations, CDC-issued or otherwise, because he thought they were part of the War on Christmas, and therefore they made him upset. “I think it’s just typical P.C. nonsense to try to shoehorn new liberal fads like germ theory into our traditional American holidays. Next they’ll be saying that the reason Santa can’t catch covid-19 is because he’s fictional."

“I am excited to get back to what I erroneously thought was the true essence of Thanksgiving,” added an uncle. “And that’s drawing a hand turkey and feeling good about myself without thinking about the suffering and struggle of the Wampanoag people one bit.” The fact that he got to have his ill-advised gathering in the midst of an ongoing pandemic that was disproportionately devastating indigenous communities was just another detail that made this uncle feel that he was participating in a great national tradition. “I’m going to do what I’m going to do, and if they try to tell me I can’t, they’ve got another thing coming! This is America!” he said, stamping his foot for emphasis on what technically is Piscataway land.

“I’m just glad we’re getting back to the roots of this holiday, which is long-distance travel, vectors of disease and the devastation of families. I hated how Thanksgiving had evolved into a holiday where you were supposed to gather and have a political argument and leave without fearing you were carrying any disease to your community or others.'" He concluded by saying you could take the turkey from his cold, dead hands.

(Alexandra Petri)

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2020-11-25 20:17:38   By: Anonymous

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2020-11-26 07:38:33   By: Anonymous
      Bye Joe it won't long now before you'll be pushing Daisies...

      [Reply ]

        Re: Faith, love, perservance, prayer......
        Posted on: 2020-11-26 08:16:20   By: Anonymous
        Biden attends church on a regular basis.
        Trump plays golf.
        One walks the walk.
        The other talks the talk.
        Trump's lemmings will follow him anywhere.

        [Reply ]

          Re: Faith, love, perservance, prayer......
          Posted on: 2020-11-26 08:42:18   By: Anonymous
          ESpecially the ones from Valley Sprangs.

          [Reply ]

            Re: Faith, love, perservance, prayer......
            Posted on: 2020-11-26 11:56:55   By: Anonymous
            Let’s be thankful this day that that idiot is on his way out of here. Best Thanksgiving EVER!

            [Reply ]

              Re: Faith, love, perservance, prayer......
              Posted on: 2020-11-26 12:37:30   By: Anonymous
              Oh you're leaving? Bye bye, don't let the door hit you in the ash.
              Why is it democrats are the ones who always cry, whine and complain about everything? Why is it always democrats are the ones who loot, burn and destroy property, why is it always democrats who want to get rid of the police? Is it because over 73 percent of the most violent people in America are democrats?
              Can you imagine if this Nation had no democrats? We'd of never had slaves, which means we'd never of had a Civil War, which means we'd never of had the KKK, and our violence against Women, children and the Elderly would of been reduced by at least....SEVENTY THREE PERCENT!
              America would be in the dictionary under Heaven.

              [Reply ]

                Re: Faith, love, perservance, prayer......never of had?
                Posted on: 2020-11-26 13:13:44   By: Anonymous
                You need to do some reading.
                Never have had a Civil War?
                1850s Democrats owned slaves.
                The parties flip flopped in the early 1900s.
                You telling me the people who fought for voting rights, civil rights, and women's rights are not Democrats?
                Some of the Donald's are confusing people on the left with all that call themselves Democrats.
                Most of the Democrats I know want many of the same things that Republicans want.

                [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2020-11-27 06:03:55   By: Anonymous
        You too, sucker.

        [Reply ]

Be gone
Posted on: 2020-11-26 21:01:07   By: Anonymous
Trump, cut the BS. Just get gone like a bad movie and take your expensive elitist grifter family with you.

[Reply ]

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