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The Standing O

Reviews of local plays, concerts, etc.


What’s Happening in Murphys June 1 through June 11, 2011

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 06/02/2011 08:53 AM
Murphys, CA....Tuesdays in June - Winemaker's Night at Alchemy - Every Tuesday night you can expect free live music on our patio from 5:30-8:00, our delicious dinner menu, and a featured menu option for one low price. Call 209-728-0700 for reservations. Fridays in June - Fridays At Alchemy. Matt Cullen Delivers style with pop, country and jazz vocal performances from the 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond every Friday on our patio from 5:30-8 pm. The music is free, and there's room to dance. Call 209-728-0700 or visit for more information. .....

Click Above to Visit This Week's Sponsor, Newsome Harlow!

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Tour Guides & Cantamos Kick off Free Music in the Parks at Copperopolis, Town Square THIS WEEK!

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 05/26/2011 05:42 PM
Copperopolis, CA....One show, two sounds and performances; The Tour Guides featuring Jessica Brittany Mouser, and Cantamos, (Tour Guides unplugged ) with lead singer, Michela Macfarland.....The 20th anniversary of Free Music in the Parks is kicked off at Copperopolis Town Square, by the Tour Guides & Cantamos. On Wednesday, June 15, starting at 6:30 pm, you will be transported to another destination with their renditions of numerous and timeless songs with an emphasis on Latin styles. Whether it is bossa nova, rock, country or jazz, their groove will move you.....
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Not Your Mother's "Creme Brulee!"~by Lunch Lady Catering

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 05/06/2011 10:18 PM
Creme Brulee is a classic French dessert which dates as early as 1691. It is loved by many including, and especially, me. I love the cool creamy custard contrasted with the super thin crispy caramel sugar shell, and the crunch and melt that happens wile eating it. Mmmm, just the thought makes me happy! A few years back, I modified my traditional recipe by adding cardamom, which is one of my favorite spices. It is like a peppery nutmeg, and is often .....

Click Above to Visit The Lunch Lady Now!
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Local 8th Grader Headed to State Science Fair.....Still A Little Short of His Goal

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 04/24/2011 04:13 PM
Calaveras County, CA...Update 4/28/11: Michael has received some very generous donations from our viewers! The family is so thankful! "I am so excited for him, what a wonderful opportunity he has before him and with his drive to do the best he can, hopefully he will place during the state competition. He is going to go back to the IGA in Copperopolis again tomorrow with his project to answer questions and share what he has discovered. Hopefully by the end of the day he will have reached his goal , he has a baseball game on Saturday morning" States Michael's Grandmother, Cindi Bent.....Local 8th grader, Michael Legge is headed to the State Science Fair! Michael won 1st place at the Calaveras County Science Fair in his division with his project "Mysterious Bacteria vs. Evil Tobacco." Michael is a student at Mark Twain Elementary and needs our help! Here is a letter from Michael: "Hello my name is Michael Legge and I am an 8th grade student at Mark Twain Elementary School. Mark Twain doesn't require students to do science fair projects but I went out and did one on my own. .....
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‘Barefoot’ is Nothing to Tiptoe Around~by Noella Eastlake

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 04/27/2009 10:25 PM

Sonora, Ca… There is a kind of magic in the air that lingers about a newlywed couple even after the honeymoon is over. Somehow, some of that very magic must have rubbed off on the cast of this fantastic number, because there was certainly magic hanging in the air that night. Barefoot in the Park is a delightful comedy that follows a young newlywed couple as they start their new life together after the honeymoon is over. Moving into their small new apartment on the 5th floor of the building, they are greeted by various .....

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This Week on the 'Standing O'....."Dracula" is a Must See~by Noella Eastlake

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 04/10/2009 05:21 PM

Dracula.....That one name has struck fear into countless heart for over 100 years. The countless numbers who have been haunted under a similarly frightening name, Nosferatu, have suffered for even longer. The opening scene to SRT’s production of ‘Dracula’ was equally as entrancing, as well as a bit alarming. .....

Courtesy Photo
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This Week on "The Standing O" Blinded by the Moonlight~by Noella Eastlake

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 02/23/2009 12:52 PM

Murphys, Ca… “Sexting. Have you heard of this?” A great way to start an evening full of laughs at the Blackbart Playhouse is to engage the relatively young audience in the hilarity of current events. It has always been one of the more endearing touches of the local theater to actually come out and communicate with the audience before you unleash them into the fantasy world you have created. It was especially nice this time for unknown reasons, though one could speculate it has something to do with the snazzy new lobby out front. ....
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This Week on "The Standing O".....The 'Roof' is on Fire!~by Noella Eastlake

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 02/16/2009 02:07 PM

Sonora, CA......Sure, the ‘house’ may have been a little cold that evening, but there was absolutely nothing chilling about this performance. Sierra Repertory Theatre has been known throughout the years to give sensational performances, and their presentation of “Fiddler on the Roof” followed suit, leaving nothing to be desired. With a fantastic list of musical numbers, mixed with a few well-choreographed dance numbers, this play was keeping the audience on the edge of their seats the entire evening. Add in a bit of good humor, a few acrobatic stunts for flair, and tremendously fine acting and you have yourself a hit of a play....
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This Week on "The Standing O".....There’s Alot to Be Said About ‘Our Town’~by Noella Eastlake

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 02/09/2009 05:41 PM

We are so pleased to announce another new addition to, Our newest Review Column, "The Standing O" by Noella Eastlake! This week she reviews the production of "Home Town" now playing at Stage 3 in Sonora......

Tuolumne County, CA...."As someone new to the ‘team’ of reviewers, I think it’s safe to take a moment to explain the ‘role’ I play, or at least the way I think it should be. We are more than a mere casual observer. We must enter a show with a heavy heart and an open mind, and leave with the heavy burden of knowing that our words could very well make-or-break the production. Of course we all go hoping the show will be a huge success, and our review will be as easy as typing “Wow!” before we go off to have a good nights rest.......

Photo by Stage 3
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