Calaveras County Food News!

The 13th Annual Calaveras Grape Stomp!

Murphys, CA This event had Murphys filled until it was stomping room only. The Cluster Busters from Murphys took home the title..we have the finals and the and awards in 768k, 150k, 56k. Hatcher Winery took home the Presidents in 768k, 150k, 56k! We also have video of the last semi-final heat in..768k, 150k, 56k! This was a great event! It brought out the best in what Murphys is all about. Doug Brown was a great MC! The President's Trophy winners are on the left and the Costume winners announcement in..768k, 150k, 56k!

August Pesto Sneak Peak!

Watch for Food, Restaurant and Wine News coming soon! One of our guest columnists will be Jenny Baxter, the Martha Stewert of Calaveras County! Here is a sneak peak at her August Recipe!

News From Jenny’s Kitchen

August 2006

Of all the herbs I grow, basil is my favorite. It is so versatile that it can be used at every meal. Its’ bright green color and mouth-watering aroma make it the most sought after herb. Be sure to handle basil with care. The leaves bruise very easily.

For all you pesto lovers I have decided to share my recipe. Enjoy!

2 cups basil leaves

3 toes peeled garlic

½ cup pinenuts

1 cup lemon olive oil ( I use Calaveras Olive Oil)

1 cup grated Parmesan

1 tablespoon lemon juice

salt and cracked pepper to taste

Place all ingredients EXCEPT the oil and cheese in the bowl of a processor. Process and while the motor is running add the oil through the feed tube. Add the cheese all at once when the oil is incorporated into the mixture and process until combined.

Yields 2 cups